Police: Orlando man stole credit card information from restaurant customers

Josue Morales Orlando Florida

ORLANDO, Florida

An Orlando man was arrested on Monday. Orlando police said he was stealing credit card information from people at local restaurants.

Police said Josue Morales was using servers at local restaurants to skim people’s credit cards.

Police believe skimmers were used to capture credit card information, and that information was later recoded onto blank credit cards. Police said those cards were then used to defraud banks, stores and credit card companies.

According to police, officers searched his home today and found evidence of the fraud.
Officers also said they found two guns, one of which was reported stolen.

So far police haven’t said which restaurants were hit.

Police said Morales is charged with theft by obtaining credit card by fraudulent means, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon (2 counts), and criminal use of personal information. They said additional charges may be filed.

Josue Morales has a  criminal record for ROBBERY and is a known CONVICTED FELON in Orlando Florida.

Morales was booked into the Orange County Jail.

Orlando police ask that anyone who believes their credit card information has been compromised, please call them.



Everything mentioned here is the TRUTH and is not slander or libel. All of the above information can be verified through research with the appropriate agencies.


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