vericore complaints

vericore complaints


A regular blog reader contacted us to share his story with us about being harassed by a collection agency called vericore.
This business owner had asked that we not use his real name so we will be using a bogus name in place of his real name. Everything else is real and is below for you to read yourself.

If you are new here, you will quickly learn that we educate consumers about Fair Credit and Credit Laws including anything and everything to do with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and beyond.  Anyways this collection agency has a horrible reputation of being one of the worst collection agencies in North Carolina and in the United States. One business owner that hired these these clowns wrote in and posted this comment.


If you are a business owner

BEWARE of Vericore in Huntersville, NC. I signed up with them to collect from a customer. They bullied and harassed the customer. They don’t forward the money they collect on time. And now I am getting sued by the customer for their harassing tactics made by one of their collectors, William Fox.

We conducted our own investigation and learned that  literally hundreds of businesses have shared similar horror stories about doing business with vericore. If you are a business owner that is having a difficult time getting a customer to pay this is NOT the collection agency you want to hire to help you collect your money. We learned these morons have a success rate of less then 11% of collecting for their customers.

If you are a consumer being harassed by these BOZOS then you need to keep reading this.

vericore collection agency

Below is an actual email that vericore sent a consumer as a silly scare tactic. When the consumer asked Brittany Ardeneaux why she is calling she she froze up like a deer in bright headlights. The DUHHH factor kicked in this woman’s voice as she stuttered Uhhh Duuuhhh Uhhhh. She may have a learning disability, brain damage, or maybe she was high on drugs?


Something was definately wrong with her. Perhaps she has a night job as a stripper or a prostitute? and has not gotten much sleep lately? That could explain why she was so mentally DIM when she called the 3 different times but she sounded so sexy and dumb. OMG her ignorance and sexy voice made me melt like ice cream in the hot Florida sun.

This photo is not Brittany Ardeneaux but this is what I pictured in my head while she was verbally harassing me on the phone with her SEXY masculine voice of POWER and AUTHORITY!

Tim Sanderson

Who Knows and who really cares but something was definitely wrong with her.
We will include the actual screen shots at the very bottom of this blog posts just to show you this stuff is real.
This email was sent from Trey Jackson – another low level employee at vericore to another moron at vericore – Brittany Ardeneaux and the email was purposely forwarded to the consumer as a pathetic scare tactic that actually made the consumer laugh.


Good Morning Brittany,


Sorry for the delay in getting this to you. Go ahead and move forward with the discussed A&L Assessment of fake name. As discussed, I will need inquiries conducted with all secured creditors, all banking affiliations, if we have a credit app on file, check for vendors and suppliers, all relevant regulatory agencies, secretary of state, and the local chamber. I would also ask that you give the above company a courtesy call prior to proceeding with your process and it would be best to speak with Mr. fake name. Have a good day and let me know if you need anything.



trey jackson



Anyways this fake name guy is a small business owner and Trey and Brittany thought it would be cute to repeatedly harass him through his personal email which we believe may be a violation of some of Fair Credit Reporting Act law however we are not sure yet so we refereed Mr. fake name to a fair credit attorney to review the emails that were sent to his personal email address. Unfortunately we are not sure if fair credit laws apply to business owners but we will soon find out and will talk about that topic another day.

*UPDATE* the Fair Credit Reporting Act does not protect business owners and is for consumers only.
If you are a business owner and encounter being harassed by these retards it is in your best interest to just make fun of them or outright ignore them because they have absolutely no authority to do anything to you.


A few hours later another email came in from some vile skank named Brittany Ardeneaux – a low level employee at veicore.  When she called Mr. fake name, he said this girl sounds like a dirty whore over the phone. Who knows? Who cares?





            During the initial phase of the investigation I attempted to contact Mr. Fake Name via telephone, for disclosure purposes and was successful. When I spoke to fake name I disclosed the asset and liability investigation process. Fake name did have a few questions and stated that his business was no longer operational so I offered him your contact information so you could answer his questions but he refused it.


             Now that the initial phase is complete, I will move forward with the investigation and I will update you with any additional information that I do obtain. 



Kind Regards,

brittany ardeneaux


Ok as you can see vericore is a comical company that really knows how to make people laugh. I wonder if these morons do stand up comedy on weekends as a part time gig?

And here is the reply from the consumer that received these harassing emails. NOTE this guy has a sense of humor and loves to laugh.

you guys are so silly

after you investigate me please come to my office and don’t forget to bring a camera so you can take photos of my assets

after that lets all grab lunch and go to my bank together

have a great weekend LOL

PS Brittany you are HOT
I would love to see pictures of you and trey together




Last and most importantly if these this collection agency sends you similar emails or even call you. DO NOT BE SCARED OF THEM. They have absolutely no authority do do anything to you.

SO IGNORE THEM and tell us about your story so we can post it in this Fair Credit Blog to share with the thousands of readers that visit this blog every month. Or go ahead and respond to their silly emails but whatever you do DO NOT take them seriously. They are comedians OK and they are not to be taken seriously.