Credit Scores

5 Credit Myths exposed

Those “a-ha!” moments. Key takeaways. Life lessons. Whatever you may call them, everyone has them at some point, where we look back and say, “I wish I would have known that sooner! Why didn’t someone tell me?” It often seems like credit and finances are a part of life where realizations come about that way.... Read More »

How is your credit score calculated?

You already know it is important to have good credit if you want to reach your goals. Some people like to know how things work and in this article I am going to explain to you how your credit score is calculated. Your credit score is determined by an assortment of mathematical algorithms which are... Read More »

Overview of Credit Score Ranges

800 to 850+ Credit Score A credit score above 800 is considered flawless. Believe it or not credit scores in this range are pretty common however I have never met anybody that has a credit score of 900.Many consumers have a credit score in the 800 range the moment their credit is established which is... Read More »

Credit and Debt Myths

These is a lot of false information on the internet about credit scores, credit repair, the fair credit reporting act, credit laws, debt and finance. Here is a little list I made to clarify some of these fair credit myths. Amount of debt DOES affect your credit score. “It was only a $75 unpaid debt... Read More »

5 Common mistakes that lower your credit score

Maintaining good credit can be a real challenge if you do not understand what you are doing. There are countless formulas that go into making up your credit score that determine whether your credit score goes up, goes down or stays the same. The first step to preventing yourself from lowering your credit score is... Read More »

How getting your credit repaired and having good a credit score benefits you

If you have bad credit or don’t have the credit score you really want then this article is for you.  Repairing your bad credit and improving your credit score is a smart move especially if you really care about yourself and your future.  Some of the many positive benefits to having a good credit score... Read More »

Your Credit Score and Divorce

It goes without saying that a going through a divorce can be a very stressful experience. Aside from the emotional aspect of divorces, which can take a toll on all parties involved, the financial component can only exacerbate an already unpleasing situation. No matter, if a divorce is amicable and is not meant to be... Read More »

Buyer Beware Credit Repair Scams

Nobody can magically erase negative information from your credit report if it’s true and accurate. Only false and incorrect information can be removed. Accurate information stays on your credit record for 7 years from the time it’s reported (10 years for bankruptcy). Even information about bills you fell behind on but now are paid will... Read More »

How can a speeding ticket or traffic infraction damage your credit score?

While your ability to drive an automobile does not directly have anything to do with your credit score an unpaid ticket will affect your credit score in a negative way. Dear Fair Credit Blog, I received a speeding ticket while traveling from Jacksonville Florida to Philadelphia PA to visit a friend. I have not yet paid... Read More »