Debt Collection

Orlando debt collection company in big legal trouble

Attorney General Pam Bondi has frozen the assets of an Orlando debt collection company whose employees are accused of posing as cops and government agents to collect debt. Investigators said the company has been preying on customers by collecting debts they weren’t authorized to take and a warrant was served Friday morning at the business... Read More »

Debt collection horror stories

Debt collectors are getting nailed for threatening and deceiving consumers. Debt collector horror stories abound: There are threats to dig up the dead relatives of those who couldn’t pay their funeral bills, promises to imprison debtors or take their children into custody — even warnings that pets will be killed. Under the Fair Debt Collection... Read More »

Bills In Collection

Unexpected¬† debt can be a hard to deal with especially once they have gone to collections. Here are 4 solutions to help dig yourself out a debt that has gone to collections and remember creditors and collection agencies can take you to court and obtain a court order ordering¬† you to pay your debt, garnish... Read More »