888 364 9689

888 364 9689 is a scam that takes advantage of students with student debt. If you receive an email containing this number or if somebody calls you from 888 364 9689 hang up and do not talk to them. They are fishing for personal information to scam you.... Read More »

Student Loan Repayment Scams

Student loan repayment scams and how to avoid getting ripped off. Millions of American college graduates are struggling to repay and pay off their student loans and many more are desperate to find a way to lower their monthly student loan payments. Con artists and scammers know this and so they have created thousands of... Read More »

Credit Cards VS Debit Cards

In this real example I going to teach you a valuable lesson by exposing a jewelry store in Altamonte Springs Florida that ripped me off and teach you how to prevent yourself from making the same costly mistake I made. The lesson here is going to compare a purchase made with a credit card versus... Read More »

The truth about Credit Repair Scams

The Truth About Credit Repair And Credit Repair Scams Erasing bad credit information is impossible if the information is true and accurate. A bad credit repair company that claims otherwise is outright lying and misleading. However, this does not mean that there are no options available to consumers. If you discover something incorrect on your... Read More »

Credit Repair Scams and how to avoid getting ripped off

How do you avoid getting ripped off by a credit repair scam? Introduction to Credit Repair and Credit Repair Scams It’s impossible to turn on the TV, open a newspaper or listen to the radio without coming across an ad for a credit repair rip off and other credit repair scams. These credit repair rip... Read More »

Ten of the most Outrageous Bank Fees

Nowadays banks place ridiculous restrictions on their customers and nickel and dime consumers to death with service fees, hidden banking fees and interest rates. Banks are looking for new ways to nickel and dime their customers any way they can. The banks are eager to suck pennies from your pocket and take every penny they... Read More »

Don Lapre Commited Suicide in Federal Prison

Donald Lapre or better known Don Lapre was found dead in his prison cell in Florence Arizona on Sunday October 2nd 2011 at approximately 8:30am.   For those of you who do not know or remember who this TV informational con artist was be sure and watch the short video clip below. Maybe it will refresh your... Read More »

Buyer Beware Credit Repair Scams

Nobody can magically erase negative information from your credit report if it’s true and accurate. Only false and incorrect information can be removed. Accurate information stays on your credit record for 7 years from the time it’s reported (10 years for bankruptcy). Even information about bills you fell behind on but now are paid will... Read More »