Student Loans

Student Loan Repayment Scams

Student loan repayment scams and how to avoid getting ripped off. Millions of American college graduates are struggling to repay and pay off their student loans and many more are desperate to find a way to lower their monthly student loan payments. Con artists and scammers know this and so they have created thousands of... Read More »

Florida State University Career Day at Wal Mart

How long will it really take a college graduate to pay off student loan with a career at Wal Mart? Thats a good question to ask yourself especially if you are in college or are recent college graduate. Well Florida minimum wage is $7.79 per hour. Multiply that by the 29 hours they MIGHT let... Read More »

Are graduate degrees worth the cost?

Here is a short video I found on CNNMoney that talks about graduate degrees and that debt that comes with a college education. Is a college degree worth the... Read More »

Is a college degree worth the debt?

This is a tough question to answer. First let’s recognize the fact that some college degrees are absolutely useless or worthless white others are highly valuable. The value of a college degree depends on many factors including but not limited to: How much money will you really earn with the college degree you are considering... Read More »

Will unpaid student loans ruin your life?

Will unpaid student loans damage your credit score and ruin your life? Let’s start by first stating that defaulting on any loan including a student loan can have serious negative consequences. If you are able to recognize you have a problem in time then there are usually ways to repair the damage caused by defaulting... Read More »