Dynamic Recovery Solutions

Are you a business considering hiring a collection agency to collect a debt? Have you considered hiring Dynamic Recovery Solutions? or HP Financial? We at FairCreditBlog.com are known for exposing fraud and rip offs especially when it comes to all things related to credit, collection agencies, the FCRA and the FDCPA. We are glad you... Read More »

Are graduate degrees worth the cost?

Here is a short video I found on CNNMoney that talks about graduate degrees and that debt that comes with a college education. Is a college degree worth the... Read More »

The hidden dangers of possessing your own credit card

Swiping your credit card for any item you desire is available at almost any business or venue you attend.  With the exception of a few cash only businesses, find out where the riskiest places you can swipe your debit or credit card and why. Many people have heard of credit card scammers…but what about credit... Read More »