What do we do?

Fair Credit Blog provides consumers of all kinds of useful information to things related to credit, collection agencies, credit laws, fraud, and anything related to credit including repairing bad credit and maintaining good credit.

We expose the bad guys and sometimes post news articles as long as they are related to credit in some manner.

We are proud to provide consumers with honest information and the resources they need to rebuild bad credit, maintain good credit and most importantly to expose unethical collection agencies that break laws and violate the rights of consumers.

We also expose fraudulent credit repair companies as we discover them and encourage you to never hire a credit repair company without first consulting with an attorney that specializes in the “FCRA” Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Ultimately as we grow we will be a useful Fair Credit Attorney Referral Service for consumers seeking to find attorneys that absolutely specialize in the following kinds of laws.

“Fair Credit Reporting Act”

“Fair Credit Collections Practices Act”

“Consumer protection law”